Learn how to generate the world’s only verifiable quantum-enhanced encryption keys without making changes to underlying infrastructure, code, or applications.


Quantum Origin is the only commercial cybersecurity product that harnesses the power of quantum computers and delivers an output that classical machines cannot achieve. By combining non-deterministic randomness with a device-independent mindset, the cloud-native plaform outputs quantum-enhanced keys that provide protection at the foundational layer of the cybersecurity stack against ever-evolving attacks.

The state-of-the art platform is predicated on verifiable quantum randomness and designed to secure valuable digital assets from both current and advancing threats to encryption protocols. Each superior cryptographic key is seeded with verifiable quantum randomness, drawn from quantum computers.

Unlike other solutions on the market, Quantum Origin is able to isolate high-fidelity randomness from deterministic classical noise without relying on strict modelling of the device. The result is mathematically-proven, near-perfect randomness, which is used to generate superior cryptographic keys.

By virtue of a simple web-based REST API, end-users can request quantum-enhanced keys generated from traditional cryptographic algorithms, such as AES, EC or RSA, as well as a plethora of post-quantum algorithms, including all algorithms earmarked by NIST for standardisation, as well as all Round 4 candidates.

After successful completion of the initial setup process, users can request keys by directly sending an authenticated web request to the API. For the full list of supported algorithms, see API Specification.


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